I just cleared out all of our old posts to prevent any confusion about whether or not our event is happening this year, as I’ve been receiving a lot of Tumblr messages inquiring about where to find registration details. For those of you who missed this on our Facebook, here is the statement I released in regard to this year/our future:

As some of you already know, Zinefest will be taking this year off to reorganize and raise funds. This is by NO MEANS the end of Zinefest, so don’t fret. Planning the event has been the work of 1-2 people for the last few years, and I have a detailed plan for the future, which requires the help of several more folks.

In lieu of our treasured event, we will be hosting smaller events throughout this year to expand and strengthen our community, as well as raise money so that Zinefest in 2015 can be a whole different animal (but obviously basically the same animal, just with a lot more to offer.)

Several elements are involved in being able to pull off the festival every year, and we will also need help with the events mentioned above, so if you would like to lend us your services in coordinating, fundraising, design, promotion, etc., please contact me at tczinefest@gmail.com! Also, please contact me if you have any thoughts or feelings on what you would like to have/see/experience at Zinefest 2015, or if you have any ideas for fundraising or community workshops. Really, I would like to be in touch with everyone about this always instead of once a year, see?

Any questions or comments may be left here or sent to the above e-mail address.

Thank you for your understanding, see ya soon!